Thirty Die And 50 Are Hurt At Andale As Terrific Storm Drops To Ground And Wrecks Buildings.
Rescue Trains Rushed To The Scene of Disaster; Young Farmer Rides Six Miles For Assistance.

WICHITA, Kan.. May 25— Thirty persons are known to have been killed, more than fifty have received injuries from which it is said several will die, and property worth thousands of dollars upon which no valuation yet has been set, was destroyed late today when a tornado swept up through Sedgwick and Harvey counties in the south central part of the state.

Andale, a village of less than 300 inhabitants, bore the brunt of the twister’s rage eighteen lives being the toll before the storm, which accompanied by a blinding rain bore on to the northwest.

The country southeast of Newton furnished the remaining fatalities, three lives being lost five miles from that city.

The country between Andale and Newton was pierced by a path from a quarter to a half-mile wide, where the twister ground everything to death or to inanimate destruction. Sedgwick, the largest town between Andale and Newton, barely escaped the storm’s fury, a few houses in one corner of the city limits being the only loss.

So suddenly did the tornado arise and so well did it do its work that telephone and telegraph lines were broken before word could be sent ahead of the impending disaster.

The Identified Dead.
  Agnes Rausch, 23.
  “Grandpa” Heiger.
  Mrs. Frank Heiger.
  Francis Heiger.
  Mrs. Alex Schmidt
  Irene Schmidt. 4.
  Joe Mertes. 13.
  Mrs. John Klein and three children
  Nick Cordell. 80.
  Henry Rausch.
  Minnie Somerhauser, 16.
  Henry Bach.
  Those whose condition appeared hopeless are:
  John Heiger and his aged mother; infant son of Alex Schmidt; Mary Heiger, John Buscher, Mrs. J. A. Fischer.
Storm Breaks Suddenly.

The storm burst suddenly on the town, which but a few minutes before had been enjoying the sunshine, with a terrific torrent of rain. Coming from the southwest, it dropped to the ground two miles before reaching Andale.

A warning cry of a man who had heard the ominous roar prompted the occupants of the little country general store to rush into the basement just as the tornado struck the building, cutting it in half and dropping the roof to the floor. A dozen lives were saved in the store by the prompt dive into the cellar.

Henry Rausch and his daughter were believed to have been the first victims.

Buried in the wreckage.
The Klein family was buried in the wreckage of their cottage and never had a chance to escape. Mr. Klein was away at the time.

The Missouri Pacific depot was demolished, but the agent escaped after hastily setting his block signals.

H. J. Schmidt, a young farmer living southeast of Andale, saw the storm demolish houses in its approach to the town and rode to Colewich, six miles away, from where he notified the railroad authorities here.

A special train immediately was made up and doctors and nurses collected. They arrived at Andale an hour after the tornado and were able to give much needed temporary relief. Twelve bodies were brought here. The injured were immediately rushed to hospitals.

Hail accompanied the wind and rain and hastily gathered reports from the devastated section extending to Sedgwick told of complete destruction of standing grain and fruit.

Newton is struck.

NEWTON, Kans., May 25.—At least three lives were lost and several persons were injured late today when a tornado, having its origin to the southwest struck the country southeast of Newton. The known dead are:

State Senator S. T. Danner and wife.

Dewey Faw, a farmer.

Among the injured are:

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Finn, of Sedgwick.

Mrs. H. P. Cobble.

Mrs. L. E. Faw.

———— Faw.

The twister struck this county near Sedgwick, which town it barely missed, destroying several houses in one cor ner of that city.

Many Are Killed.

Doctors have been dispatched to Sedgwick from here to aid the injured.

Nine persons were killed near Sedgwick.

The dead:

Elmer Corkle and 9-year-old daughter.

Mrs. Markes.

John Norris.

Mrs. Howard Tanner.

———— Tanner, 6 years old.

———— Finn, 10 years old, adopted daughter of William Finn.

Hired man on Trowbridge farm.

Pence Cobble, Jr.

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